Friday, November 16, 2012

Examples of Passive Income

Passive income is an individual's earnings through businesses which he is not actively involved in. In other words, an individual engages himself in businesses that can generate a stable cash flow and does not necessarily have to work for him to earn money. There are different examples and sources of passive or residual income. If you would want to earn and sustain a stable cash flow, here are examples of passive income that you need to consider:

· Owning a business

This is one of the most basic examples of passive income. When you start a business, you get decide how you run it. By owning one, you also get to hire people so they can run it for you regularly. This way, you can sustain your passive income's flow.

· Investing

Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are financial investments that can be ways of gaining passive income. These investments can take you a long way in sustaining the flow of your passive income by utilizing them wisely and efficiently.

· Vending Business

There are different kinds of vending businesses. Examples of these are coin-operated machines. Some dispense items like snacks and beverages, while some are for entertainment, like the ones found in restaurants, bars, and amusement parks. Since most people buy from these machines for their convenience, this can also be of help in sustaining the flow of your income.

· Car Washes and Laundry Mats

Putting up businesses like these is one of the examples of passive income that never become outdated. Owning Car washes and laundry mats is a very good way to sustain your passive income. Since a lot of people need to have their cars washed or their laundries done day by day, your income, too, will flow each day. However, you just need to hire people to run these businesses for you and you are good to go with your passive income.

· Real Estate

You can buy a property and put it up for rent or you can sell one property after another. Either way, you get a good chance of being able to sustain your passive or residual income. The more properties you sell or put up for rent, the more profit you gain.

· Write a book

By writing a book, you can earn a percentage of what you have published and written.

· Create a Blog or a Website

Create a blog or a website that can interest other people. You earn just by the number of views or clicks that one makes. Imagine the number of people on the internet who can view your blog or website!